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  2. Police in Egypt are using Grindr to lure gay men to hotel rooms and arrest them
  3. Gay Dating Apps Are Protecting Users Amid Egypt's LGBTQ Crackdown - VICE

Omar said his neighbor was then arrested and deported from Egypt. The police are not the only ones using these apps to persecute gay men, according to Omar. Those with homophobic intents have also been known to use them. Amid the growing hostility toward the LGBTQ community, Omar said he and his friends have nonetheless developed a true sense of community.

All Out, another human-rights organization that has condemned the government-sponsored wave of anti-gay persecution in Egypt, said the crackdown is far from over. The current political situation in Europe has also discouraged gay Egyptians, like Omar, from seeking a new — and less fearful — life in the West. Proportion and gaydar will get the modern witch, follow bbcbreaking. There are used to our free gay man that i ve met his mega church of online video prosecutors claimed that offers the sentences 5.

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Egypt Crackdown: Gay Wedding, Hookup Apps & Arrests

Doing a credit card and joining gay men, according to use of all of today, looking to find and flirt with no gay. A charge that would have had them imprisoned for 15 years.

Other Al Qahirah Cities:

The two individuals a guy and a girl were detained for three months before being released on bail in January In addition to the numerous arrests, the crackdown by the Egyptian state together with the Egyptian media sponsored hate speech resulted in a state of trauma and despair among young Egyptian LGBT individuals. Such a state resulted in at least one case of committing suicide in addition to attempts by a number of Egyptian LGBT youth. Till now a number of Egyptian LGBT individuals and activists are still recovering from the trauma of that severe backlash.

In the meanwhile, other number of Egyptian LGBTs had to leave the country because of the social and political threats.

The best known case of possible homosexuality in ancient Egypt is that of the two high officials Nyankh-Khnum and Khnum-hotep. Both men lived and served under pharaoh Niuserre during the 5th Dynasty c.

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Police in Egypt are using Grindr to lure gay men to hotel rooms and arrest them

In this mastaba, several paintings depict both men embracing each other and touching their faces nose-on-nose. These depictions leave plenty of room for speculation, because in ancient Egypt the nose-on-nose touching normally represented a kiss. Egyptologists and historians disagree about how to interpret the paintings of Nyankh-khnum and Khnum-hotep. Some scholars believe that the paintings reflect an example of homosexuality between two married men and prove that the ancient Egyptians accepted same-sex relationships.

No matter what interpretation is correct, the paintings show at the very least that Nyankh-khnum and Khnum-hotep must have been very close to each other in life as in death. It remains unclear, what exact view the ancient Egyptians fostered about homosexuality. Any document and literature that actually contains sexual orientated stories, never name the nature of the sexual deeds, but instead uses stilted and flowery paraphrases. While the stories about Seth and his sexual behavior may reveal rather negative thoughts and views, the tomb inscription of Nyankh-khnum and Khnum-hotep may instead suggest that homosexuality was likewise accepted.

Ancient Egyptian documents never clearly say that same-sex relationships were seen as reprehensible or despicable. No ancient Egyptian document mentions that homosexual acts were set under penalty. Thus, a straight evaluation remains problematic. The Roman Emperor Constantine in the 4th century AD is said to have exterminated a large number of "effeminate priests" based in Alexandria. Personal and family law in Egypt e. As the religious law of all officially recognized religions in Egypt chief among them Islam and Coptic Orthodox Christianity do not recognize homosexual relationships as legitimate, Egyptian law only recognizes a marriage between a man and a woman.

Reports suggest that if such a relationship becomes public, the police may use it as evidence in a criminal indictment for the various laws against Satanism, prostitution and public immorality.

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Until , the Egyptian government refused to recognize that homosexuality was the sexual identity for some of its residents, [24] and after , it only did so only to brush off criticism from human rights organizations and foreign politicians. Culturally, most Egyptian citizens are Muslim, which impacts prevailing social biases and attitudes. Traditional Islamic morality does not condone homosexuality. While the Egyptian legal system is strongly influenced by the civil law system, Islam is the official state religion.

In fact the most recent Constitution stipulates that Islamic law shall be the main source of legislation Article 2.

Gay Dating Apps Are Protecting Users Amid Egypt's LGBTQ Crackdown - VICE

Homosexuality has recently become more visible in Egypt, due to the rise of social media and Arab Spring demonstrations. In recent years there has also been a rise in the number of bars and cafes catering to gays in Egypt, such as Alexandria. Along with his human rights efforts on behalf of the Cairo 52 , he also wrote a play on homophobia in Egypt and later directed the ground breaking Egyptian film, All My Life.

Technically, LGBT -themes are not prohibited per se, in the press, artwork or other of forms of communicative media. However, most media depictions of cross-dressing or homosexuality have been negative in keeping with the traditional cultural and religious values of most Egyptians. More liberal depictions of LGBT issues in films and other forms of media tend to be subjected to government censorship or criticism from social conservatives.

In , the Egyptian film by Youssef Chahine , " Alexandria In , the public performance of a play by Maher Sabry , which explored homophobia, was shut down by the government after a few performances. In , Sabry directed a ground breaking, award-winning, Independent film about an Egyptian gay man, which provoked protests from clerics and government officials who wanted the film banned, if not destroyed.

A weekly newspaper called the Al Balagh Al Gadid was shut down, two reporters jailed, for printing a story that accused Egyptian actors Nour El Sherif , Khaled Aboul Naga and Hamdi El Wazir of bribing police officers in order to cover up their involvement with homosexual prostitution. Likewise, when an Egyptian film or television program does deal with LGBT-themes it tends to do so in a negative fashion, but even a negative depiction still produces controversy from social conservatives. Recent films such as "Uncensored" , "Out of Control" , "A Plastic Plate" and The Yacoubian Building all depict many different taboos within Egyptian society, including homosexuality, which promoted public calls from social conservatives to censor or ban the film's exhibition.

In , Family Secrets premiered in Egypt and was billed as the first Egyptian and Arab movie about the life of an eighteen-year-old man struggling with his sexual orientation, and the social stigma surrounding homosexuality.