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  1. Gay Tokyo Guide: The Essential Guide To Gay Travel In Tokyo Japan 12222
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  5. Tokyo gay escort service no condom - Premier Tattoo Supplies

For more details, please refer to " System " and " Out-Call delivery ". Our managers and sub-managers are mostly in 20's. You can ask them anything for further information.

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All of us look forward to your visit. This website contains the contents for gay male.

Gay Tokyo Guide: The Essential Guide To Gay Travel In Tokyo Japan 12222

This website is about a high quality escort service including out-call delivery which provides high quality escort service with fantastic boys whom King of College, the long established escort service company in Shinjuku 2 ni-chome area in Tokyo, is highly proud of. For men who are not interested as well as women, you can NOT receive our service.

Thank you very much for visiting our website today. We, King of College, have more than 30 years of history but still have vivid ambition to improve our service and to grow ourselves. We strive to provide better service and place where you feel real healing from bottom of your heart. We devote ourselves to improve our service based upon our own slogan that is "customers' satisfaction is equal to ours". So we would really like for all of you to have long term relationship from now on.

For the new visitors of escort service in Shinjuku 2 ni-choume area, we have a very fair pricing system so that you can come and enjoy with no worries. Our managers will be able to explain our system kindly and clearly for new visitors. For those who want to pick up a boy while drinking at King of College! For those who want to go straight to a room without visiting King of College!

OPEN 12pm-1am

For those who want out-call delivery! Actual expense will be fixed in case of over 1, JPY. Shortest way calculated from Okubo station in JR line. Boys will be switched at the half timing of hours. When you prefer outside of shop for the first meet, it will be at the moment you and cast faces each other. Please check boy's profile in advance.

No Harm in boys body. Please check each boy's pages for details.


No.1 Gay Male Escort in Tokyo

Charge is 1, yen for each cosplay, and items are same as items we prepare. Feel free to ask details if we don't have any similar items.

When you are in hesitations of your favorites, you will be able to decide with checking more unpublicized photographers of boys at our office. Use of Credit Cards Please read this section for the use of Credit card.


In the case of cancellation or change of courses at your reasons after the payment, we will charge 2, yen as a cancellation fee. Thank you for understanding. Please make a contact with settlement company for all questions after payment. How to Pay at Shop 1.

Tokyo gay escort service no condom - Premier Tattoo Supplies

When you arrive, casts or shop managers will be settled in front of your eyes for safety. For requesting of Payment in advance before entering into rooms , please inform that to shop managers on a phone or when arriving at shop. Play Rooms Our room have ''everything'' you need.