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Jun 26, gay, in the gay, of state laws rather than pornhub! Why try to drag this non-story out any further? Let it go. Liking or not liking someone should be involved in discussions of racism and general ethics. And people tend to let their personal opinions about individuals mare their general principals. Not everyone is going to share your perspective or validate your feelings. Not to mention the trolls who go against the grain just to get a rise out of people. It all has to be taken with a grain of salt. Well, this is a comment section.

So, people go back and forth about whatever the topic at hand is. And while some of these people are just flat-out trolls some are not. Who the hell cares?


Porn stars are not known for their intellect. And for this debate about whether or not his posts are racists, puleeze!! That stereotype has long been played out.

Heck naw!!! That is so laughable!!! She starts singing in the higher range and gets extremely nasal, it is like nails on a chalkboard. On Her latest albums she just talks-sing. Mostly talking. As a gay man how can he not worship Beyonce? This is sacrilege! Antonio, you are so talented. Can I hire you to paint my bedroom? You paint as well as Mariah Carey dances. What makes him especially comical is how unrealistic this attempt is compared to who he is.

Someone needs to tell him to to go after someone he might have a realistic chance of being better than like a serial rapist or a child molester. Beyonce is a narcissist who deserves criticism.

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Segregation is bigotry. And the so called other rap artists?? Now, in as far as Antonio Biaggi is concerned. They are mostly enjoying the view.

Her promo machine has made her a superstar with all the hype…she is so so.. Social media and other sites are plagued by fake servers.

Gay adult film star Antonio Biaggi goes on racist rant against Beyoncé fans / Queerty

Look at the guy who set up millions of fake servers just to game the Amazon ranking system so he could put fake books up and trick people into buying them to the tune of millions of dollars. And follower numbers are the same in terms of credibility. Was she trying to be Nefertiti or what? It was clear it was meant that she was to be honored as a goddess in that skit but really? The same with comments regarding her age. The are gone with the wind in seconds after posting. I just realized who he is!

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I thought that face looked familiar. Used to be a favorite, a go-to. Now I can put a name with the appendage.

Gay escort on twitter

Escort 2. Raw Porn star 3. House Keeping. BOY BYE…folls love to bring up Beyonce when they in need of attention…that website of his must not be doing good at all. We all have opinions. Personally I think his a bit mentally ill, not just for the whole Bey thing but alot of the other crazy stuff he has spewed. It only give the name Davila, no first name, location of complaint.. Its too vague to follow which is why I question its validity however what is shown does sound like something a washed up middle-aged and getting older every day porn star with puny shoulders but nice piece on him would do when frustrated with things not going the way he had hoped.

She DOES? Never mind. Attention oversensitive snowflakes… I know your generation wants everyone to think alike, but some people have different thoughts. Some need to learn to take a joke.. These comments in the comment section are what are so bothersome and scary. Whether you like Beyonce or not she has millions of fans and dollars , fans around the world, of all colors, that support her music and her brand. Debate her talent or lack thereof, simply put she has been extraordinarily successful in the music entertainment business, period.

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